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Jet Junkers is a game which was made for the 2018 May UE4 Jam

Made in 5 days and submitted right at the last minute... Game Description:
Take control of speedy anti gravity junker jets and transform them by picking up parts along the way, increasing speed, acceleration and health. Beat your friends and become the fastest junker in the yard!


This game was made under a limited time constraint so it does have bugs and possible crashes. We intend to publish updates in the future to fix this, but for now if your computer can run it, enjoy the madness which is Jet Junkers...

Install instructions

1) Download ZIP file
2) Unzip anywhere
3) Run "Windows_Win64/AGV/Binaries/Win64/AGV-Win64-Shipping.exe"
4) Click "Connect to dedicated"

The server should be up all the time, if it fails to connect the server might be restarting so be patient.

If you would prefer to host your own game, you can host by pressing the "Host" button. You must port forward port 7777 if you want to play over the internet. Other players can then enter your IP in the text box, then click "Connect custom".

If you wish to host on another port, run the exe from the command prompt like so:
"AGV-Win64-Shipping.exe -port=[port number]".

The dedicated server is setup to wait for other players before starting. If you join in progress there is a bug that causes the screen to be blurry. This will go away as soon as the current race ends.

There is no set limit to the number of players for the moment, so go ahead and invite all your friends!


StaticShellStudios_JetJunkers_Windows_R7.zip 191 MB


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i have no frend to ploy with, send help


I'm playing right now